Meet the Mrs: a fibromyalgia warrior

Drugs are bad. M’kay

— Southpark

This hurts. No really. I know you can’t see it, but it does. Am I gonna take anything for it? Maybe ibuprofen if it gets bad. But otherwise not anything super strong. Why? Have you ever researched fibromyalgia help groups. Yeah. Drugs. That’s all they talk about. No thanks.

Look, I am not saying that people shouldn’t take drugs. I am saying that for some of us, well, I’d rather enjoy my life. Painkillers are not going to help me do that. I mean sure, I don’t think I hurt and my mood has improved, but I am not fit to operate machinery or my vehicle and I certainly have no motivation to do anything. Some of them turn me into a nasty raving wrathful b***ch. Also, I do not like being constipated. So for those of you who take your drugs, this page is not for you. Go back to your support group and talk about your oxycontin. I am going to Disney World.

Yes, Disney World. In about 3 weeks-ish or so. Just for a day or two. We plan to visit our favorite park, Animal Kingdom. We will also be visiting Hollywood Studios. We have a reservation at Oga’s Cantina. Fuzzy Tauntaun, here I come.

I am also going on my first cruise. This is to see how the cruising experience affects me. We have a cruise to Alaska booked for September 2021. So, this will hopefully give me an idea of what to expect my body to do under cruise conditions and afterwards.

I will also be running my first 5K. I have been training. Yes, I am overweight and out of shape. Yes, training causes pain. But I am still doing it. I am losing weight and slimming in the process. This journey I will be writing about a lot.

Besides traveling and training, blogging and vlogging, what do I do for a living? I am a caseworker for welfare programs in my area. I meet with applicants and families. I look at their income and expenses and determine whether or not they fit within the parameters of the state and federal regulations for the program. If they do, I become a hero. If they don’t, I become a jerk.

Let me make this clear: It’s not a matter of whether or not I think they deserve the benefits. It’s whether or not their situation fits in the “box” that the state and feds build. It also highly depends on the families to provide the documentation required for the worker to make a determination and complete the interview if necessary. (This is a completely different intonation from the beginning of this blog, isn’t it…. welcome to the Worker Warrior). I am one who tries to find an applicant and their family eligible, not ineligible, like my predecessors. But I do not break rules. Ask my former Deputy Director.

Before all of this official unofficial nonsense, I was a cook. A well practiced cook. No, not a chef. I did not go to school or take the tests officially. But, give me a couple of ingredients and I can make a tasty dish for you. If you become a Patreon, you may be the one who gets to pick the three ingredients. This is one of my favorite challenges and I will be posting it up on Patreon exclusively for members. Become a Patron!

Why don’t you cook anymore? The fibromyalgia took that from me. I cannot physically do the job anymore on a regular basis. This is why I changed fields.

Yes, now you see why I have become a warrior. The disease took my favorite job. Its war. I might loose, but I will go down with a sword in my hand. I am not saying you have to fight. But, I’d like to invite you along for the ride. If you are interested in a good story.

The Drive is Real

It comes and it goes. But it is real. This is what powers me through my day. This is what gets me to push through. You will read about the drive in my writings and see it in my vlogs. Come along for the rides. There’s rollercoasters, cruises, camping trips, hiking, races, food and more.